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 The Beguining

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PostSubject: The Beguining   The Beguining I_icon_minitimeTue Jul 21, 2009 3:51 pm

I am a Science fiction person its about dragons and the all most fall of their breed and the human race.

This is the Story

her!" the guard shouts, she quickly jumps on one of the horses back,
taking off she holds a shining stone in her hand, "You wont get away!"
she kept hearing them shout, her only concern was who the Stone get
too, Some one was waiting, some one ready to fight and embrace the
truth, "C'mon!" they shouted there was 7 guards or more on her tail,
the horse was doing its best, taking a quick turn the horse slipped the
horse stood again fine, she let the horse go, she didn't want it to get
hurt, Bad enough it was raining her foot prints would be left in the
dirt, "no no.." she was out of breath knowing that her guardian was
dead and gone, she was Forced to run, miles and miles, still hot on her
trail fire shot up around her forming in to rocks with ice, Trapped,
Destune appeared from the shadows "give me the Stone, Girl." he hissed,
"Never!" she had her hands tightly gripped on the stone "Now, Girl, I
will spare you" "No!" "Grr" he hissed again She said 5 words in an
ancient Language The Stone dissapeared "Foolish Girl!" he yelled,
"you'll never find it.." the last words she mumbled, passing out in to
eternal sleep

Far from there an 18 year old Girl by the name
Ashley is out in the woods, a bright light flashes across the ground.
There the stone appears, she slowly walked up to it putting her hand on
it "..its warm.." she picks it up looks around putting it in her bag
she mounts her horse and trots back home "hayden" she flicked his head
walking by, "Wtf was that for" "your lameness." "what ever." she walked
out the room in to her bed room quietly closeing the door she took the
"stone" out and put it on the bed, it was getting late, she hid it
under on of her pillows, snuggling under the covers Ashley feel asleep,
with every one else asleep she roes early in the moring on her lap lay
an black small... lizard like think she dared to scream, she did not
breath for it felt like minutes, It got up curled up by her side
jumping quickly out of the bed she watched "what the hell!?" she though, it clicked, it was a dragon, "b-b-but they died alog time ago!" so she thought "what should I do with it? I guess i could keep it,"
it rose it's head, standing slowly she was only about the size of my
hand or smaller, Ashley reached her hand out to the dragon it backed
away slowly a bit, but then came foward placeing its hole body on to
Ash's hand "oh.. my.. god.." she thought, "hi.." she said quietly, the dragon cocked its head and purred, "Cool" i thought. "Hayden!"
i jumped over my bed there was a hole under my matress, i put her in
there jumping up opening the door hayden looks at her "what where ya
doing." "nothing."
Hayden narrowed his eyes and shut the door,
quickly putting a coat on i grabbed the dragon and put her in one of
the pockets walking out side i walk far in to the woods, comeing upon
my clearing i pull her out on to my hands again i sat criss crossed
watching it, i let it climb on me "can you tell me your name..?" no
replie, this was really kewl to Ashley, a few weeks later the Dragon was fully grown now called "Endless" ((THIS is WHERE EVERY THING BEGUINS))
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The Beguining
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