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 Ashley's Bio

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PostSubject: Ashley's Bio   Ashley's Bio I_icon_minitimeTue Jul 21, 2009 4:45 pm

Age: 18
Gender: Female
Race: human
Dragon/Pet: Endless
Endlesses info:
Age: about 15,
Race: Black Dragon /Black Magic
Weight: over 1000 lbs
Hight: more then 300 ft tall,
size: (length not in cludeing wings) 190 ft long
Wing Span: 740

faster then the speed of light :3

Race: flameing Tiger
Age :13
Gender: male

1000x stronger then a normal tiger.
Ashley's Bio Fire_Tiger_by_Ayem

Ashley's Bio Dragon_by_sandara

Cloths: Baggy jeans a Black hoody, on her neck is a pendent that she wears, her arms have pure gold bracelets that are worth alot, her shirt is a Black long Sleave shirt
Neck: Has an Gold chain with a Ruby in it
Rings/hand: pure gold bracelets with 1 ring per finger.

Tattos/Markings: Ashley's Bio Dragon-Tribal-Tattoo lower back arm Neck
Ashley's Bio Tripletribaldragons11f6qa3

[color=cyan]18 year old Girl by the name
Ashley is out in the woods, a bright light flashes across the ground.
There the stone appears, she slowly walked up to it putting her hand on
it "..its warm.." she picks it up looks around putting it in her bag
she mounts her horse and trots back home "hayden" she flicked his head
walking by, "Wtf was that for" "your lameness." "what ever." she walked
out the room in to her bed room quietly closeing the door she took the
"stone" out and put it on the bed, it was getting late, she hid it
under on of her pillows, snuggling under the covers Ashley feel asleep,
with every one else asleep she roes early in the moring on her lap lay
an black small... lizard like think she dared to scream, she did not
breath for it felt like minutes, It got up curled up by her side
jumping quickly out of the bed she watched "what the hell!?" she though, it clicked, it was a dragon, "b-b-but they died alog time ago!" so she thought "what should I do with it? I guess i could keep it,"
it rose it's head, standing slowly she was only about the size of my
hand or smaller, Ashley reached her hand out to the dragon it backed
away slowly a bit, but then came foward placeing its hole body on to
Ash's hand "oh.. my.. god.." she thought, "hi.." she said quietly, the dragon cocked its head and purred, "Cool" i thought. "Hayden!"
i jumped over my bed there was a hole under my matress, i put her in
there jumping up opening the door hayden looks at her "what where ya
doing." "nothing."
Hayden narrowed his eyes and shut the door,
quickly putting a coat on i grabbed the dragon and put her in one of
the pockets walking out side i walk far in to the woods, comeing upon
my clearing i pull her out on to my hands again i sat criss crossed
watching it, i let it climb on me "can you tell me your name..?" no
replie, this was really kewl to Ashley, a few weeks later the Dragon was fully grown now called "Endless"

(Endles is a Hydra you cant see her 3 heads right noa tho)
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Ashley's Bio
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