this is where you're power is tested this is where You intelligence is tested This is The Final Stand!
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 Rules please read

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PostSubject: Rules please read   Thu Jul 23, 2009 11:33 am


  • DO NOT God mode

  • DO NOT controle other Players charies

  • DO NOT powerplay
  • DO NOT kill in less the 5 posts
  • All who are killed for no reason Will Be alive again

  • DO NOT abuse your powers if so that happens you are stipped from your powers
  • DO NOT kill for no reason There Must Be A Reason WHY you killed him/her

Char Rules
Must put Age, Name, story, Creatures name, What kinda creature it is,
Do not copy names,

  • You ARE aloud more then 1 Char,

  • 2 Eggs per week! (week ends you can find 3,)

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Rules please read
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