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 Hayden and His buddies

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Hayden and His buddies Empty
PostSubject: Hayden and His buddies   Hayden and His buddies I_icon_minitimeThu Jul 23, 2009 8:42 pm

Age: 18
Gender: Male
Cloths: I Wear a Black Shirt with 2 Swords crossed, I wear a Leather belt with Lion fangs attatched to it,
Pants are baggy jeans cut up ripped up
Haydens Palls:
Age: 13
Gender: Female
Weight: around 940
Wing Span: 560

Age: 8
Gender: Female
Breed: Dire
Wing Spam: 1340
hight: 80`5
Weight: 1900

Being born in a Modern rich family Hayden wasnt treated well,
he hated being treated the worse his Mom always made him do the most
trying to tell her that he couldnt do it she always made him do 4x's the work
when he did, Hayden usually cried his self to sleep, One Day Hayden Ran away,
Ashley soon followed him, they wound up in a cabin where they grew up with each other
Hayden moved out soon after Ashley found Endless, Still adventures Hayden ran though the
Woods, geting trapped in a large ditch he wasnt the only on, A small earth Dragon lay there tired
Skinny and half dead, Hayden picked her up he named her jester, He was determinted to get out and
Feed the little Girl, hayden put her in his jacket pocket after hours or trying to get out Hayden reached
The top quickly going to find some thing for her to eat, she was quickly passing, He caught a bird, tearing the
feathers out Hayden got some soft meet, takeing her out of his pocket i offer her some, she ate it quickly I had
the bird to bones nothing left, She now had a full belly, Hayden walks in to a clearing, seeing a small bird like creature
Hayden walks over to it picks it up, it bites him He takes a breath but wouldnt dare drop it i sat by Jester as the bird feel asleep, a few weeks later they both where older, I named the Phenix Eva, she was a hole lot younger the Jester
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Hayden and His buddies
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